It Must Be Fun To Be An Atheist

It must be fun to be an atheist.  I say this because I frequently write about atheism and occasionally I have atheists respond to my blog.  While the vast majority of atheists are cordial and thoughtful, I have had a few interactions where the atheist decides to curse me out.  This has happened more often outside of my blog.

The interesting thing is that if I, a Christian, were to curse out someone, I would be called hateful, hypocritical, and judgmental.  But the atheist almost always gets to go scot free without any condemnation whatsoever.  In fact, many times these profanity riddled comments will garner a bunch of “likes” from fellow atheists.

Of course the Christian is supposed to not curse anyone out because he/she is supposed to be an example of Christ, but does becoming an atheist really suddenly allow you to have carte blanche on profanity and rudeness … and “liking” such profanity and rudeness?

If I were to curse someone out as a Christian, I would have atheists reply with, “You are the exact reason I decided to leave Christianity!”  But if I were to play the atheist and curse someone out, no one would reply with, “You are the exact reason I decided to leave atheism!”  No, all my cursing would be quite kosher inside atheism.  So while some atheists are repulsed by Christians cursing and being rude, these same atheists have no problem with their worldview that removes its repulsion.

Is cursing at someone wrong in itself, or is it wrong only when a Christian does it?  If it is wrong in itself, why do I almost never see atheists correct other atheists on their profanity?  On what grounds could one atheist correct another atheist without being self-righteous?

So maybe I ought to go about being an atheist commentator.  It sounds like I would have a lot more fun … and get a lot more “likes”.


    • Kiabooks,

      Thank you again for commenting.

      Could you please show me a straw man in my post?

      Could you please tell me what the atheist position is on cursing someone out?


      • To start with, the meme pic you chose for a header. Atheist don’t claim “There is no God”, not do they “believe” there is no God.
        The rest of your post is an assertion that without belief in God, one cannot have a basis for moral behaviour or personal conduct.


      • Kiabooks,

        The meme that I chose for this blog was created by an atheist website. So yes, they do claim that.

        I would encourage you to deal directly with what my post stated and not with what you think I am asserting. My main point that atheists are free to curse people out due to their own worldview is true as you said in your later comment.


      • As for the atheist position on cursing people out? Not sure there is a general one. I’m not Atheist but I would suspect it’s individual and situational. For more than that you’d have to ask an atheist, rather than just make bold assertions. You clearly had no intention of doing anything but insulting them.


      • Kiabooks,

        First, I nowhere insulted anybody. I simply pointed out an actual observational truth.

        Second, you prove my point when you say that it depends on the individual. All I’m saying is that it is possible for atheists to curse people out due to their own worldview.

        I have spoken to many atheists and am quite familiar with atheist arguments.

        Thank you for your sincerity. I understand from where you are coming.


  1. Looks like you did. The website on the picture was, an anarchist site. Not an atheist site. Prob better and more honestly described as antitheist


  2. But you were close. There was a bus campaign awhile ago know for “there’s probably no God..” with the exact wording after. I think you might have been so anxious to find a meme that matched what you wanted to see that you didn’t do due diligence.


    • Kiabooks,

      Just because is an anarchist website, it does not also mean that they are not atheistic. I do admit that I may have too broadly spoke, but I have emailed them to find out if they are atheistic. It would be quite surprising if they were not.

      I am well aware of the bus campaign. I opted to not use pictures of the bus campaign when trying to choose a photo and instead desired to use the current picture as it is more contained and I had downloaded it before.

      You can google search the phrase and find multiple options. It is not an uncommonly expressed atheistic idea.

      I never removed the picture. Should you apologize for being sloppy?


      • No. The meme as you have it, wherever you got it from, doesn’t appear at all on their website. It’s not a common phrase. I did Google it and couldn’t find it, as you have it, anywhere. And did you consider the difference between atheist (at large) and antitheist(very small section) yet?
        As for the pic being removed, I’m glad it hasn’t and I will update my post accordingly. I can apologize for sloppy, and do better. Can you?
        So… Where did you get the meme? You haven’t answered that question yet?


      • I got the meme from a google search. It was not difficult to find.

        I know the difference between an atheist and an anti-theist. Do you know their commonality? They are both atheists.

        I can do better. I already agreed that I spoke too quickly. I do apologize for that. However, it is not uncommon at all for atheists to absolutely declare that there is no God. I have had many conversations with atheists in which they claim unequivocally claim God does not exist and I have read many authors who claim the same.

        Of course there are atheists out there who change their wording and say atheism is merely the lack of the belief in a deity, but there are plenty atheists out there who do not desire to be that specific.


      • Kiabooks,

        As I said, I googled it. The image has the web address imprinted on it. You are correct that I did not research the website enough. I do not know if they removed the image from their site or not.

        I have appreciated the beneficial challenges that you raise. I have been refined by your challenges and I thank you for that. I will let you have the last word.


      • The issue is… that’s not the site it came from. You had to have gotten it somewhere else. My suspicion is, and I don’t think you necessarily knew it at the time, that it was an apologetics website that intentionally doctored the image in order to convey exactly what you intended as well. I’ll let you off the hook but the point is “confirmation bias”. You looked for something to back what you already thought atheism means. Didn’t consider the source or do any research to see if what you found was either accurate or possibly fallacious. You found what you wanted to find and you ran with it. Not even thinking.
        Again, the image is nowhere to be found either on that site, and it’s disingenuous to say they may have removed it when you don’t even say you got it from that site, and it doesn’t show in any Google searches I’ve done. Not one. The phrase specifically used doesn’t come up in ANY Google searches. At all. These should have been cause for pause… if you were doing a fair and balanced research… to raise suspicion that it might have been a falsified image.
        Instead… You ran with it. That’s sloppy. Real sloppy.
        The other issue I raised regarding your post was that it was a backhanded hit piece implying that atheists have no moral compass without believing in God. You didn’t really sus that out, but just mocked as if it were true without demonstration. That was lazy and insulting. You can do better. It totally discounts the experience and persons who don’t believe as you do as if they are all immoral and carry no personal standards for right and wrong. You slander and slurr people you obviously have never actually had honest conversations with for Apologetics and Polemical reasons. Dishonest and rude.
        No, I’m not gonna cuss you out, but you should be cussing yourself out for being so lazy, rude and sloppy.
        Keep blogging, but be better. Be more honest. Have more integrity. Treat others with the respect and courtesy you yourself expect. Enough said.


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