My name is Curtis Schulz.  I was born in New England in June of 1982.  My formative years were spent in Garland and Fort Worth, Texas (1985-2004).  I moved to Massachusetts in June of 2005.  I miss the Texas culture, weather, and food very much.  But alas, I cannot move back there as I believe I need to be in a place that is in desperate need of Christ’s message, and New England is definitely that place.  Maybe I will eventually move to Mexico to spread the light there.

I am proud to say that the beautiful Samantha Schulz has been my patient wife since July of 2010.  We had a child together in February of 2017 and we named him Justice.

My life is to teach Christ.  There is nothing greater on Earth than the message and forgiveness of Christ.  It is what the world is looking for even if it does not realize it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  If you have any comments, I truly would appreciate hearing them.

Being content in Christ is not being happy with less.  It is living in exuberant joy, peace, hope, love, and a feeling of other-worldly blessing.  It is knowing that you own the world even without having a penny to your name.


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